Mommy Make Over

Mommy Make Over

If you have recently had children, you will be aware of the body changes you will undergo as a result of pregnancy. Some of these changes may have a permanent effect on your overall appearance. A mommy makeover can re-profile all those features that were out of shape. A combination of breast lift with or without augmentation, lisosculpture and dermolipectomy of the abdominal contour and other procedures perfected by Dr. Jose David Villafañe may be what you need to fulfill your cosmetic objectives with beautiful natural results. There is no denying how beautiful and transcendent the arrival of children is, but with the result in the body that pregnancy can leave, many women are looking for ways to restore their appearance and recover the body they had before pregnancy.


A makeover can include a number of plastic surgery options, all aimed at improving in the following areas:

  • Reducing excess skin and decreasing the diameter of the waist.
  • Reduce breast sagging.
  • Eliminate fat deposits (rolls) that have formed in virtually any area of the body.
  • Areas of skin with stretch marks


Dr. Jose David Villafañe will discuss your goals with you and together you will decide which areas you would like to improve with a makeover procedure



Excellent doctor full of many values and cares a lot about his patients

Paula Andrea Upegui Castañeda

I recommend Dr. Villafañe because he is an excellent surgeon and in my particular case, I was very satisfied with his medical team.

Yanet Rosale Lopez

He’s an excellent surgeon. God gave him wonderful hands. Congratulations and thank you very much for the beautiful work you do, especially leaving your patients very happy, “I feel happy”, also thanks to all your team.

Olga Beatriz Arias Gallego

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