Structural Rhinoplasty


The nose is our facial center, it identifies and defines the harmony between the upper and lower areas of the face; it also fulfills the vital function of breathing.

The reasons that lead us to a change in nasal aesthetics are diverse: race, shape, size, definition, birth defects, respiratory disorders, etc.

Structural rhinoplasty takes into account factors such as nasal proportions in relation to facial dynamics; it allows to establish by means of calculations, the modifications that are surgically possible and which can get close to the proportion; it works under direct vision on the whole nasal anatomy that is constituted by skin, bones, and cartilages, from the depth to the outside.

It allows to increase or reduce the size of the nose, modify the width and height of the nasal dorsum, change the shape of the tip and its projection, reduce the width of the nostrils, modify the angle between the nose and the upper lip.

All this keeping as a maximum that the nose breathes or even improve its respiratory function prior to rhinoplasty. Structural rhinoplasty achieves the maintenance of predictable and stable results over logra el mantenimiento de resultados predecibles y estables en el tiempo.


Rhinoplasty offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Straightening out a “crooked” nose
  • Redefining the tip of the nose
  • Reducing the appearance of a high bridge or hump
  • Remodeling a broken nose
  • Address the size and shape of the nose.
  • Improve airflow and improve breathing.


“Dr. Villafañe and all his team treated me very well, the result was excellent. I think that after a lot of research and studying all my possibilities I chose the best surgeon; the surgery went just as I expected. Thank you very much Doctor. »

Mónica Sánchez | Lawyer

“I feel happy, when I look in the mirror and see my new look I can only smile, the truth is I’m very satisfied, I feel very pretty and confident.”

Valentina Duque | University Student

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