Ensuring the results of plastic surgery

Asegurar resultados de una cirugia plastica

Ensuring the results of a plastic surgery

The success to ensure the results of a plastic surgery is not only in the hands of the plastic surgeon, but also depends on the care and recommendations that you have in mind before and after any surgical intervention.

Let’s see eight basic and very important tips that Dr. Villafañe gives you and that you should keep in mind to obtain the best results after a surgical procedure:


Follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter.

Once the procedure is scheduled, your plastic surgeon will give you preoperative and postoperative instructions. Remember that these are not suggestions, they are the rules to follow with discipline if you want to get the best results in your operation.

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Maintain a healthy weight

Make sure you are in a good state of health and with a weight according to your height, in order to reduce additional risks during the surgery.


Eat well

Maintain a healthy and balanced diet, especially during the months prior to surgery. Eat plenty of fruits, fresh vegetables and protein-rich foods to ensure proper cell development and optimize the healing process.


Drink water

Be sure to consume plenty of fluids, as this habit promotes tissue and blood health. Ideally, drink at least eight glasses of water a day.


Do not smoke

If you smoke, you should stop at least three weeks before the plastic surgery. Smoking impedes blood circulation, damages the skin, delays healing and causes other complications.


Inform your surgeon about the medications and vitamins you take.

Tell your doctor about any vitamins, herbs, supplements or medications you are taking, even if they do not require a prescription. Keep in mind that any type of substance can interfere with the surgery process. For example, vitamin E and medications such as ibuprofen can cause excessive bleeding or hemorrhages.


Seek support from your loved ones

Prepare yourself psychologically regarding the positive and perhaps negative comments you will receive from those around you. Reach out to your closest friends and family for support, especially during your recovery period, so that they can help you with whatever you need during this time.


Prepare a space in advance for your recovery period.

Set up an area in your home, either in your bedroom or in a living room, where you will feel comfortable after surgery. Gather everything you need, such as the medications prescribed by your surgeon, as well as a telephone, books, magazines, water and even your TV remote control.

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March 7, 2023

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