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Mentoplasty is a surgical procedure that seeks through various means to achieve an increase in the projection of the chin. It should be done in case of microgenias.

It improves its anatomical and aesthetic relationship with respect to all bone structures. This is done in patients with microgenia or a small chin, showing the neck attached to the chin.

Mentoplasty is performed by placing a silicone implant or prosthesis. If an implant is used, the incision can be located through the oral mucosa, inside the mouth, without external scars; below the chin. If the osteotomy is performed, it uses the incision inside the mouth, and consists of making a cut of the bone and taking it to the desired position.

Benefits of

✓A more defined chin
✓ A harmonic and balanced profile
✓ Provides a symmetrical appearance
✓ Better definition of the jaw


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