Mastopexy with implants

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Most mastectomized patients (surgical removal of the breast) are candidates for breast reconstruction, which can be performed immediately or in a second surgical procedure. The ideal patient is one in whom breast cancer has been typified and mastectomy was considered curative.
The techniques are diverse, from the inclusion of breast expanders in the same surgical time to the use of different types of flaps in a second surgical time.

Benefits of
Mastopexy with implants

You will look great with clothes, and also without them. You will feel more confident! They improve sexual relations, since it increases your self-esteem. Everything suits you.

✓ You will stop, in just 60 minutes, from “being flat”, or, on the contrary, you will recover what you lost during your pregnancy, lactation, etc.
✓Implant designed to last a lifetime, guaranteed in case of breakage.
✓You decide the volume you want.
✓ Immediate result and return to social and work life in 48 hours

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