Abdominoplasty, is an ideal surgical procedure for the reconstruction of the abdominal wall, which consists of the removal of excess skin, fat and tension of the muscles of the abdominal wall with the ultimate goal of remodeling the abdomen, waist and shape of the trunk (abdominal contour).


Several factors contribute to this deformity, the most frequent being pregnancy and excessive weight loss (e.g., post bariatric surgery patients). After this expansion, the skin does not return to its original state, much less the separation of the abdominal muscles (diathesis of abdominal rectums) and many people invariably remain with loose skin.


Abdominoplasty offers both men and women a number of benefits, which include

  • The removal of excess skin in the abdomen
  • Tight abdominal muscles
  • A softer, flatter abdomen and the appearance of being in the shape of the stomach area.


“Dr. Villafañe and all his team treated me very well, the result was excellent. I think that after a lot of research and studying all my possibilities I chose the best surgeon; the surgery went just as I expected. Thank you very much Doctor. »

Monica Sanchez | Lawyer

“I feel happy, when I look in the mirror and see my new look I can only smile, the truth is I’m very satisfied, I feel very pretty and confident.”

Valentina Duque | University student

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