Laser abdominoplasty, also known as lipectomy, is an effective procedure to eliminate excess fat and skin, it is responsible for restoring to this area of ​​the body the firmness and strength lost by the passage of time and the weakening of the tissues, which is Caused mainly by lack of exercise, constant weight changes or pregnancy

The lipectomy is responsible for correcting this problem, during this procedure the muscles of the abdomen are firmed, resulting in a flat and hard abdomen.

Benefits of

✓ Improves aesthetic appearance.
✓ More defined abs
✓ Aesthetic fat reduction
✓ Elimination of excess skin.

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Dr. Villafañe - Cirugía Plástica Pereira, Manizales, Armenia
Dr. Villafañe - Cirugía Plástica Pereira, Manizales, Armenia

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