Augmentation Mammoplasty

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Augmentation mammoplasty encompasses a set of surgical techniques with a clear purpose: to shape, reshape, reconstruct, and sculpt the breast in a way that enhances its natural beauty. These modalities include breast augmentation, lift, and reconstruction, all with the focus on preserving each patient’s unique morphology.

Augmentation mammoplasty is aimed at increasing breast volume through various surgical techniques and the use of alloplastic materials, such as prostheses or silicone implants. This approach can make a significant difference in self-image perception and self-confidence.

The ideal candidacy for this surgery goes beyond physical health; it also involves emotional stability. Many women seek this procedure after experiencing changes in their breasts due to pregnancy or lactation. Although it is not a fixed rule, mammoplasty operations tend to be more common among women.

Mammoplasty is an art in itself, where Dr. Villafañe combines skill and experience to achieve results that highlight the individual beauty of each patient. Planning this surgery is a step towards personal fulfillment and renewed confidence. Schedule your consultation today and discover how augmentation mammoplasty can transform your image and self-esteem!

Mammoplasty is not only a physical transformation, but a journey towards self-acceptance and confidence. Dr. Villafañe understands the importance of creating harmonious results that align with the vision and expectations of each patient. Whether you seek to enhance your breasts, lift sagging tissue, or reconstruct post-mastectomy, Dr. Villafañe’s expertise ensures your journey towards enhanced beauty and self-assurance is in the hands of a skilled professional.

Benefits of
Augmentation Mammoplasty

Self-esteem, sexual relations with your partner, there are many benefits of this procedure.

✓ Correct an excessively flat chest
✓ More defined abs
✓ Correct an imbalance between both breasts
✓Achieve a better appearance after pregnancy or weight loss
✓rebuild the breasts after a mastectomy after overcoming breast cancer or suffering an accident.

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