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Reductive mastopexy, a procedure that combines art and science, offers an effective solution for those facing the challenges of breast enlargement, where excessive breast size can affect quality of life. This surgery is specially designed to address the physical and emotional discomfort that can arise from very large breasts.

Breast hypertrophy can manifest at different stages of life, either during early breast development or as a result of hormonal changes such as pregnancy and lactation. It is a problem that goes beyond the weight of the patient and can cause pain in the back and shoulders due to excessive load.

Reductive mastopexy is a multidimensional approach that not only reduces the size of the breasts, but also seeks to restore the proportional harmony of the body. In addition, it can address notable breast asymmetries, resulting in aesthetic and functional improvement. The procedure not only relieves physical pain, but can also have a positive impact on confidence and self-image.

Dr. Villafañe understands the importance of finding a balance between physical and emotional well-being. His experience in reductive mastopexy reflects his commitment to delivering results that significantly transform patients’ lives. If you are seeking relief from the weight and discomfort of overly large breasts, consider a reduction mastopexy as an option to regain your comfort and confidence.

Benefits of
Reduction Mastopexy

Reductive mastopexy is the ideal surgery for very large breasts (breast hypertrophy). Breast hypertrophy can occur during breast development and is independent of the patient’s weight; it can also be an irreversible state after pregnancy and lactation.

On some occasions we find important breast asymmetries, which can be corrected during the procedure. The surgery relieves back and shoulder pain resulting from excessive breast weight.

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