Handle ears or very prominent, are one of the cosmetic causes that originate greater complexes. Otoplasty is a simple intervention that remodels or reduces the size of the ears, achieving a correct symmetry of the same in line with the face. In this way, patients achieve an improvement in their image and self-confidence.

The incision is usually made behind the ear, thus leaving a practically invisible scar. From this incision, the surgeon reshapes the cartilage, making it fold in the right places, reduces the depth of the shell and dries out the excess skin, if he thinks it is necessary. Despite its apparent simplicity, it is an operation that requires delicacy and thoroughness to avoid creating abnormal folds and edges.

Usually a bandage is placed that perfectly models each part of the ear to allow it to heal in its correct situation. Once removed, it is usually convenient to wear a tennis band at night for a month to prevent the ear from folding forward during sleep.

The result of Otoplasty is permanent and does not change over the years; sometimes touch-ups are necessary and complications, whether skin or cartilage, are quite rare. Scars usually remain red for the first six months, to begin to lighten and to disguise from this date. The front side of the ear (even if it does not have scars) must be protected from the sun with sunscreens for the first two months to avoid hyperpigmentation.


Among the benefits of this procedure we can find

  • Improves the appearance of the ears
  • Eliminates the complexes that protruding ears generate
  • Increases patient’s self-esteem
  • The scar is hidden


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    “I feel happy, when I look in the mirror and see my new look I can only smile, the truth is I’m very satisfied, I feel very pretty and confident.”

    Valentina Duque | University Student

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