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Otoplasty, a highly effective procedure, focuses on correcting multiple auricular deformities that can affect a person’s self-esteem and confidence. One of the most common concerns is the angle between the ear and the scalp, which can lead to the so-called “screen ears.”

The ideal time to consider Otoplasty is during the first years of life, when the constant growth of the ears provides an opportunity to correct the deformity without interfering with their natural development. This early intervention can prevent the emotional impact of peer teasing. However, Otoplasty can also be performed in adulthood.

Otoplasty seeks not only to correct excessive projection of the ear, but also to address the depth of the concha and other aesthetic aspects. Surgical approaches vary, generally involving incisions in the back of the ear to access the auricular cartilage. This allows modification of the cartilage through relaxation incisions and fixation points.

The intervention aims to achieve a balance between the position of the ear and the skull, allowing a margin of separation that ensures comfort in cleaning and wearing glasses. With Dr. Villafañe’s experience in facial plastic surgery, you can trust that your Otoplasty will result in a harmonious appearance and renewed confidence.

Trust Dr. Villafañe’s experience to transform your ears with natural and harmonious results. By scheduling an assessment, you will be able to discuss your expectations and concerns, ensuring you make the best decision to enhance your confidence and appearance with Otoplasty.

Benefits of

Among the benefits of this procedure are:

✓ There is an improvement in the appearance of the ears
✓ Eradicates the complexes generated by puffy ears
✓The person’s self-esteem improves
✓ The scar would be hidden


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